Kynema laboratory of Reggio Emilia was born in 1998 by the meeting of two professional figures, Enrico Corradini and Roberto Fantini.

The name Kynema comes from ancient Greek (Kinema), meaning movement - movement leads the spirit of our activity.

Since the beginning, Kynema laboratory has been using very advanced techniques to construct orthodontic appliances, using also CAD equipment to "move" teeth and position them correctly.

In 2002 Luca Grandini joined in the team and learned about Kynema's spirit of innovation, embracing it and contributing new ideas.

Since 2008 Kynema has been interested in digital data acquisition for most of the work performed by the lab. In time the  team substitute four different Scanners for CAD design.

Since  2015 Kynema has been involved in guided surgery.

In 2016 the team started to use the CoDiagnostix Software to design 3D-digital surgery guides using the latest high-end Straumann 7 Series by Dental Wings as a laboratory scanner for its jobs.

During the same year Kynema became part of the Straumann family as a reference laboratory, providing a space to develop all the technologies made available to Straumann and the dentists that work with them.

Thanks to this support, the jobs imported from the Intra oral scanner are increasingly managed, aimed at giving the best result to both the Guided Surgery and the building of prosthetic parts.

Kynema snc laboratory is a member of the International Team for Implantology.

Kynema snc

Via Assalini 64/B

42123 Reggio Emilia (RE) ITALY

Tel: +39 0522/1713328

mail: kynemasnc@gmail.com

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SDT Enrico Corradini
DT. Roberto Fantini
DT. Luca Grandini